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The Apolinářská Villa is a rental property from the year 1932. It has been renovated to the slightest detail. The building is located close to the Prague center, right next to the beautiful botanical garden of the Charles University. 
Living in one of our apartments will give you both the comfort of a modern building and the luxury of a 1930´s villa. You can choose from two spacious apartments, one rooftop apartment with a rooftop garden, an office and two commercial spaces.

ROOFTOP FLAT         2+KK      6  NP        54m²

ARCHITECT´S FLAT  7+1     4-5  NP      250m²

DOCTOR´S FLAT        7+1    2-3  NP       281m²

COMMERCIAL SPACE         0-1  NP       169m²

PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO      1  PP         91m²



This villa, built by the architect Jan Jarolím in 1932, is directly connected to a former steam spa next to the Charles University botanical garden. 
Both the architect and J. Malík (the main doctor at the spa) lived in the villa. 
The spa it self also had a restaurant, acomodation, two pools, massage rooms and has been built in the architectural style of late moderna with hints of classicism, art-deco but also functionalism.
A preserved bridge between the villa and the spa is a reminder of the times when doctor Malík used to walk from his two-storey apartment to the spa to treat his patients.
The architect has also had a two-storey aparment in the villa. On one side looking at the Vyšehrad castle and on the other at the botanical garden.
The apartments are very thoughtfully restored to their former state, including the unique details from the 1930´s.

Lidové noviny 9.12.1932

noviny na slupi.png

Noviny Expres 30.11.1933

noviny na slupi2.png


Villa Apolinářská is located only 10 minutes away from the Wenceslas Square. There is a plenty of restaurants and bistros nearby. In case you´re not feeling hungry, you can simply walk by the river, visit the Vyšehrad castle or sit down in the already mentioned botanical garden. All of this is in a close aproximity to the Villa.

A great benefit is it’s close proximity to the Karlovo náměstí metro station (5 minutes) and Botanická zahrada tram station

(1 minute).


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